Extrusion-Compression permits to make big diameter

APLAST can produce big diameter in PEI GF30

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« Since 1985… » 

1985 : Creating APLAST

1985 – 1990:

  • Fluorinated thermoplastic processing (PVDF, FEP, PFA, ECTFE, ETFE, PCTFE…)
  • Development of technical thermoplastics (PSU, PES, PEI, PEEK…)
  • Implementation of a RAQ3 quality insurance plan.
  • RAQ2 certificate obtained (First french company of less than 10 employees to do so)

1990 – 1995 :

  • Creation of a plastic injection department essentially for civil and military aviation development
  • Extension of the plant (450m² of extra working surface area)
  • Closure for the injection department to refocus on our code trade, the processing of high performance plastics using extrusion-compression
  • Deployment of a new generation of regulator-programmers, data acquisition

1995 – 2000 :

  • Development of new tools (980 mm diameter block, 1000 mm diameter poly-fusion tool)
  • Investment in a 1000T press with its peripheral equipment
  • Deployment of 2D CAD software

2000 – 2010 :

  • Inclusion in the SOMEFLU group
  • Acquisition of new specific extrusion machines and a video data recorder
  • Design and development of a technique making it possible to polyfuse PFA and PEEK
  • Development of 3D CAD software and integration of an ERP

2010 – 2015 :

  • Installation of a closed circuit water cooling system
  • Acquisition of a desiccator, and extruding machine and a new video data recorder
  • Investment in a 600T press with its peripheral equipment
  • Development of new tools